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Media and Communications Fall 2017 Internship

Outreach and Support Fall 2017 Internship

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Talent Beyond Boundaries – Fall Internship

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB), a Washington DC-based non-profit, is the first and only organization working with refugees and the private sector to establish a path to employment for refugees on a global scale. TBB is overcoming the barriers refugees face in accessing the global labor market and is helping employers access the hidden pool of refugee talent. By unlocking existing skilled labor immigration opportunities, TBB is opening an additional legal pathway for refugees to obtain self-sufficiency.

Members of the United Nations General Assembly, on September 19, 2016 in the New York Declaration, committed to expand the options for refugees by making regular migration pathways available. These pathways are complimentary/additional to resettlement in third countries. Labor mobility has been touted widely as a critical part of any solution to the global refugee crisis, and TBB is leading up the implementation of this solution. TBB has a cooperation agreement with the UN Refugee Agency and is funded the U.S. Department of State.

Talent Beyond Boundaries is looking for college students, recent graduates, and graduate students interested in an internship for Fall 2017. The interns will join a small, rapidly growing organization with ample opportunity to be involved in many aspects of the work. Interns will participate in strategic brainstorming and analysis meetings with the Executive Director, the founders, and other members of the team. In particular, interns will work with the TBB staff on monitoring the pilot project, planning corporate outreach, media and communications, and preparing refugee candidates for job interviews and placement. The day-to-day tasks will include developing and standardizing pilot processes, researching  gaps in the global labour market, trends in hiring professional or skilled workers, mapping and analysing the skills and professional background of refugee populations, administrative support, and developing of communication materials. In addition, interns will be spokespersons for Talent Beyond Boundaries, and will have the opportunity to conduct outreach to potential corporate and humanitarian partners.

TBB interns play a key role in the work of TBB. Past interns have:

  • Represented TBB at events and conducted outreach to humanitarian, development, academic or corporate stakeholders.

  • Drafted key messages for high-level discussions, such as with UNHCR and the State Department.

  • Written speeches for and attended conferences, with the World Bank, the Center for Global Development, and the Global Forum for Migration and Development among others.

  • Contributed to strategic planning discussions with TBB staff and leadership.

  • Drafted and edited TBB publications and reports.

  • Conducted social media outreach to stakeholders.

  • Composed TBB’s media outreach strategy.

  • Assisted in crafting corporate outreach strategy.

  • Conducted research on different countries' work visa policies, companies, and organizations.

  • Edited and provided suggestions to candidate resumes.

TBB is looking for socially minded "doers" who are passionate about the mission and relentless at pushing the status quo. Interns should have excellent written and spoken communication skills. Everyone on the team brings a high level of enthusiasm, initiative and passion to our objective of linking refugees with employment. Experience with nonprofits or start-ups is desirable. Experience in PHP and SQL would be an asset, but is not required. Talent Beyond Boundaries is looking for Fall interns, both full-time and part-time (>12 hours/week), that are able to start work in the DC office approximately September 3, 2017. If interested, send your resume and cover letter to