As the scale of the unprecedented refugee crisis continues to grow and more families are forced to leave their homes, the world must look for innovative solutions to help those who have been displaced and encourage private sector and government participation.

Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) is unlocking an urgently needed solution --- a pathway for labor mobility – for the thousands of refugees who have portable job skills.

More than 20 million people now live as refugees, most in countries where they are not allowed to work legally.  Significant numbers of refugees are well educated and held skilled and professional jobs before fleeing their home countries.

A number of barriers make access to international labor markets challenging for refugees including:

  • Absence of information among refugee populations about potential job opportunities
  • Lack of information among employers about the existence and scope of refugee talent
  • Difficulty in verifying the skills and credentials of refugees with previous employers in conflict countries
  • Lost documentation and financial resources that would enable travel
  • Security and protection concerns

TBB developed an online platform to collect detailed information about refugees’ skills and work experience. With this technology, TBB is connecting this hidden refugee talent pool with employers who are interested in recruiting to fill skill gaps. TBB’s goal is to help place refugees in jobs in stable countries where they can regain their self-reliance and contribute to the global economy.

Although labor mobility has been touted among academics as a viable solution to the refugee crisis and NGOs exist within host countries to help refugees find work domestically, TBB is the first and only organization working with refugees and the private sector to establish a path to employment on a global scale.

We believe labor migration is an essential element of a comprehensive approach to supporting and empowering refugees as they look to rebuild their lives.