SPARK Project Coordinator for TBB Pilot Project Vacancy

Project Description: Talent Beyond Boundaries is an American NGO working to open a new pathway to help people forcefully displaced from their home countries find work and self-reliance through international employment opportunities. Talent Beyond Boundaries is linking with employers who can use work visas to bring talented refugees to fill skill gaps around the world. Although humanitarian leaders and academics increasingly recognize that labor mobility can help displaced individuals lead productive self-sufficient lives, to date there has been no effective effort to connect this talent pool to private sector employers who recruit globally. Talent Beyond Boundaries' goal is to create a viable labor migration pathway for refugees around the globe. Talent Beyond Boundaries is currently implementing its pilot project through a partnership with SPARK, drawing on their complementary knowledge and expertise.

Organization Description: SPARK’s mission is to develop higher education and entrepreneurship so that young ambitious people in post-conflict societies are empowered to lead their societies into prosperity. Founded in 1994, SPARK is an independent, not-for-profit international development organization with more than 100 staff working from sixteen offices around the world. SPARK’s activities take place in highly complex environments including fragile states and involve economic, social, and political change. SPARK’s mission is to develop entrepreneurship and higher education so that young ambitious people are empowered to lead their post-conflict societies into prosperity. SPARK works closely with a range of local partners including chambers of commerce, universities, vocational schools, governments (both local and foreign), business institutions and civil society organizations to build co-operative, locally-sustainable networks of support for promising entrepreneurs. In collaborating with local partners, SPARK listens directly to the demands of the community to pinpoint the needs and priorities of local beneficiaries. SPARK promotes local ownership of projects, which is essential for continuing support beyond SPARK's presence in that region and SPARK focuses on wide impact, linking local, regional and international partners to build strong networks of support, resources and services.

Position Summary: The Project Coordinator will be a contracted employee of Spark, working solely on TBB’s pilot project, in close collaboration with both TBB and SPARK staff. The Project Coordinator will plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the pilot project for TBB in Lebanon. He/she will be in charge of a team of outreach volunteers and interns. The person in this role will work closely with upper management of both TBB and SPARK to make sure that the scope and direction of the project is on schedule and amended as needed. He or she will also assist the team in strategic planning to scale-up in 2018. The Project Coordinator will be a key focal point in case management for refugee candidates working with TBB and Spark, as well as outreach activities to refugees for TBB’s Talent Catalog. The Project Coordinator will coordinate outreach volunteer and intern activities, liaise with local organizations, and work on TBB’s digital outreach to refugees. The Project Coordinator will play a critical role in managing the dissemination of information regarding TBB’s pilot project, ensuring accurate and transparent communication of TBB’s pilot project and mission. The Project Coordinator will report to both TBB and SPARK management and will work closely with both teams on this collaborative effort.


Supervisors: Spark Country Manager /TBB Executive Director and TBB Regional Program Manager

Supervisees: Several interns and volunteers, with potential to recruit as needed and budget allows.

Work travel: This position will be based in Beirut, with some travel to different parts of the country.

Working Environment: The Project Coordinator will work in SPARK’s office as an integrated member of SPARK’s team. The Project Coordinator will also work closely with TBB’s Regional Program Manager and other team members from Spark and TBB both in the country and remotely. 

Start Date: June 1, 2017

Duration of Contract: 6 months, renewable. The first month of the contract will be a probation period.

Salary: Based on experience

Disclaimer: TBB and Spark reserve the right to adapt this job description at any time during employment according to needs. Any extension of this contract is dependent on performance review, funding availability, and strategic planning.

Candidate Requirements:

-        Bachelor’s degree mandatory

-        2+ years of professional experience, ideally in an NGO setting and related to project management. Experience in development or humanitarian response highly desirable (or other sectors related to TBB’s project)

-        Fluent Arabic and English: Read, Written and Spoken mandatory. No exceptions

-        Passion for TBB’s goal to open a new safe and legal pathway for refugees through international employment

-        Advanced computer literacy and knowledge of Google Drive applications

-        Excellent communication skills

-        Detail-oriented with a strong ability to time manage and coordinate schedules

-        Solid organizational skills including respect for deadlines

-        Excellent interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to establish effective and working relations with all the types of stakeholders. Strong cultural awareness and tolerance to diversity especially in the details pertaining to the refugee crisis and the Lebanese environment

-        Adaptability and ability to re-prioritize according to the changing context.

-        Able to work effectively and creatively independently and within a team. Self-driven and strong ability to work independently and take initiative.

-        Ability to manage sensitive and confidential information.

-        Strong budgeting ability to maintain the project budget.

-        Analytical skills to be able to solve problems that may come up during a typical work day.





Responsibilities & Tasks:

1.     Ensures the evaluation, strategy and development of the pilot program in close coordination with management.

2.     Work dynamically with SPARK and TBB staff as a team player on the implementation of TBB’s pilot project. 

3.     Provide case management to refugee participants to assist them through the process of preparing for international employment.

4.     Coordinate logistics necessary to prepare refugees to move for international employment. This could include helping candidates prepare the necessary documents, take language and skills testing, prepare applications and CVs, access information, and take the steps needed to obtain a work visa. 

5.     Expand TBB’s partnerships that can help refugees prepare for international employment and establish positive relations with refugee communities, organizations and officials; represent TBB and SPARK’s joint work at meetings. 

6.     Coordinate interns and volunteers to ensure that the outreach and registration follow-up plan is enacted and they are fully trained to respond to the questions and concerns of refugees and refugee organizations. 

7.     Develop, in collaboration with the TBB team, messaging to effectively communicate TBB’s work in a clear and concise manner to both registrants and participants, managing expectations and creating clear understanding of TBB’s role in the process. 

8.     Ensure information, challenges, and lessons learned are efficiently communicated with the TBB-SPARK team and documented. 

9.     Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule, and project costs in coordination with the TBB-SPARK team.

10.  Develop and maintain administrative and other processes for the project and accountability. Create processes to support the organization and facilitation of case management for refugees working with TBB.

11.  Create and maintain project documentation.

12.  Contribute to the development of operational plan, in terms of reviewing the progress and benefiting from lessons learned.

13.  Actively participate in the strategic planning for scaling-up in 2018 and documenting lessons learned.

14.  Stay aware of the situation in the country and how that affects the project.  

15.  Contribute to TBB’s Arabic and English content and social media presence.


Please send a cover letter and resume to lebanon@talentbeyondboundaries.org by no later than April 30th 2017.