talent catalog

With help from Syrian social entrepreneur Nazar Poladian, who now lives in Canada as part of their refugee resettlement program, TBB launched an online Talent Catalog, which includes a database of skilled refugees who are interested in international employment.

The TBB team in Jordan and Lebanon, along with local NGO partners and dozens of volunteers, conduct community outreach to encourage interested refugees to register on the Talent Catalog. We expect to have 10,000 refugees registered by mid-2017. To date, a number of registrants represent the following industries:

  • Engineering                         
  • Healthcare          
  • Technology                           
  • Architecture
  • Accounting                           
  • Skilled Trade Work           

Currently, TBB is working with private sector employers in Canada and Australia, and is exploring partnerships in other parts of the world, including North Africa.  We expect to have an initial group of refugees employed by the end of 2017. Our placement efforts also include working with a network of organizations to document English proficiency, verify professional credentials, and provide training on soft skills.

“There are no simple answers to the complex workforce challenges of the 21st century. However, increased talent mobility will certainly be part of the solution...It is now time for all involved stakeholders to ally forces and prepare for the era of extreme labour scarcity, significant talent mobility and a truly global workforce.”
-The World Economic Forum