Our mission is to develop safe and legal pathways for refugees to be self-sufficient through global private sector employment.

The Issue

Skill Gaps Around the Globe: Around the world countries face significant skill gaps in the local workforce. Employers operating in these regions must bring in talent from abroad to address this challenge. A recent survey of 41,700 hiring managers in 42 countries found that 38 percent of employers worldwide are having trouble filling jobs.

Talent Going to Waste: Millions of people are displaced from their homes by war and terror. A large number of them are educated and skilled workers who are not allowed to work legally in countries where they have sought refuge. As a result, the talents of this population are going to waste.

I used to teach English literature at a university in Homs. I worked as a professor for ten years. I left Syria in 2012 due to the conflict and came to Jordan...I cannot work in my field legally here. If I had an employment opportunity, I would go to any country in the world that accepted me.
— Hala

A New Global Employment Solution

Talent Beyond Boundaries is creating a pathway to help skilled people displaced from their home countries find work and self-reliance through international employment opportunities. We are linking with employers who can use work visas to bring talented refugees to fill skill gaps, particularly in the developing world. Although humanitarian leaders and academics increasingly recognize that labor mobility can help displaced individuals lead productive self-sufficient lives, to date there has been no effective effort to connect this talent pool to private sector employers who recruit globally.

The Impact

Providing talented and skilled refugees with global employment will enable refugees to provide for themselves and their families. Humanitarian assistance can be better focused on those who are unable to support themselves. Employers with hard-to-fill jobs will benefit from an untapped talent pool. Communities in the receiving countries will gain talented workers who contribute to the completion of essential development projects, bring diverse skills to the workforce, and bolster local economies. Furthermore, through international employment, refugees can continue to enhance their careers and gain new skills that are valuable for post-conflict economic recovery.  

Our Goal

As aid to refugees dwindles, families run out of savings, and parents are left with no choice but to cross perilous Mediterranean waters with their children, the world must develop innovative approaches to offer meaningful solutions for refugees. Labor migration should be a crucial element of the comprehensive approach to supporting and empowering refugees. Our goal is to create a viable private sector solution for refugees around the globe.